Is there such thing as no ammonia colour?

I guess we have to trust our professionals. I have been in this industry for 25 years. Any colourizers that are permanent are using some kind of driving force to push the colour into the hair. No Ammonia simply means something else in most cases it is monoethelolamine. This is a derivative of you guessed it Ethanol. It does not gas off like ammonia so it stays in the hair and sits on the scalp (ouch) . In my experience these colour fade very quickly and have a hard time staying vibrant. Not to mention the irritation to the scalp.

With Aveda full spectrum,we can utilize the most advanced colour spectrum by customizing to the gram which pigments we want to utilize to acheive the best even coverage with a beautifull spectrum of colours to choose and blend together. Using Green tea extracts mainly with flower and plant extracts always keeping our shine factor to the maximum. Sustainable always and using organic resources. These points are most important to Aveda and we will continue to stand behind this beautiful product. Deposit only hair colour is a demi permanent colour using 99% plant and flower essences. Aveda has launched a paraben free project recently which is eliminating all paraben based ingredients from its product line.


Thank You Aveda!


Let us know if we can customize the best colour variation for you today.

Jeannine Fitzsimmons


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