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Here comes the sun

Welcome Summer .

I have lived on this coast for 20 years now . It just keeps getting better every year.

Hopefully you get yourself down to some of our local beaches at low tide . The sand is so perfect for a spa treatment. Just that hanging on the beach allows us to relax and enjoy our beautiful fresh air and sunshine. Giving us a better quality of life.

With the best drinking water on the planet , we are so lucky to be able to enjoy this everyday, rain or shine .

I love this place.


Spring is back summer is on the way. Get ready for the beach

Summer ready

ready for the beach

Happy Canada Day and… we’re moving!

Creekside Salon moving to Davis Bay

the Creekside Salon has a new location this month, in gorgeous Davis Bay!

Jingle Bells, jingle bells!

The Creekside Salon stylists are as busy as elves (as usual) this time of year but they’ve still got time to book Santa in for his yearly beard trimming!

While he’s here this Sunday, we’ll catch the moment to implore him with our wishes and capture a picture of family, friends and even our most loved  pets!

The cheery elves will be on hand to fill mugs with hot, mulled apple cider & hand out presents to the little ones.

Please join us to help us celebrate and fill the Creekside Salon with lots of love!

Santa at the Creekside Salon


Mac Schafers… you will be missed

Hello Winter 2011

How do you like winter? We really love moisturizing dry hair this time of year. Damage Remedy is the best discovery of the season. Putting a little bit of Damage Remedy Intensive treatment in the palm of your hands then work it up and apply to ends then blowdry . I love this as a leav-in recovery to processed ends.

Bear Season in the creek

I love the natural surroundings in the creek. We have a beautiful Black bear that is wondering in and out of our Garden. I hope you all take good care of your walking and garbage runs everyone!

Local bear visitor.

Local bear visitor.

Spring is on its way on the Sunshine Coast

At Creekside Salon & Spa we value our customers and our environment. Please let us know how you feel about our website.

Thia season coming up is full of exciting trends and originality. Open to change this is where to go. Great scent free customizable Shampoos and Conditioners on its way. We have partnered with two very high quality products. The Sunshine Coast of BC has never seen such a partnership. Aveda  Colour, Skin care, Make-up and Body care. And Healingscents Aromatherapy  Bath Soaks and synergy blends, are teaming together to arouse your senses with good qaulity value and a beautiful experience. Quality and professionalisim are our priority. You are the focus with customizable Shampoos and Conditioners. Add your own scent and colour for a truly fresh experience.

Is there such thing as no ammonia colour?

I guess we have to trust our professionals. I have been in this industry for 25 years. Any colourizers that are permanent are using some kind of driving force to push the colour into the hair. No Ammonia simply means something else in most cases it is monoethelolamine. This is a derivative of you guessed it Ethanol. It does not gas off like ammonia so it stays in the hair and sits on the scalp (ouch) . In my experience these colour fade very quickly and have a hard time staying vibrant. Not to mention the irritation to the scalp.

With Aveda full spectrum,we can utilize the most advanced colour spectrum by customizing to the gram which pigments we want to utilize to acheive the best even coverage with a beautifull spectrum of colours to choose and blend together. Using Green tea extracts mainly with flower and plant extracts always keeping our shine factor to the maximum. Sustainable always and using organic resources. These points are most important to Aveda and we will continue to stand behind this beautiful product. Deposit only hair colour is a demi permanent colour using 99% plant and flower essences. Aveda has launched a paraben free project recently which is eliminating all paraben based ingredients from its product line.


Thank You Aveda!


Let us know if we can customize the best colour variation for you today.

Jeannine Fitzsimmons


Wedding season in full gear.

Leah And Brent

Leah And Brent

Ahh here we are looking forward to a great season with some crazy wedding antics ahead. If you are having a wedding or special event contact us . We have specialized in special event services for hair ,make-up  and pre spa day events for over 15 yrs now. Talk to Jeannine to organize any special details. They make all the difference for what counts on your day or event. We love to travel to you as well, anything to make your day easier.

We are looking forward to partnering up with the Gumboot Restaurant and Cafe to acheive some really great weddings on site in our beautiful Organic Gumboot Gardens this yearBridesmaid By Jeannine.