Hand & Foot Care

All services include nail groom and polish. French polish add $15

Hand Care

Hand Relieving Manicure $45

A relaxing soak in moisturizing aromatherapy, followed by nail and cuticle refining, personalized hand massage exfoliation, healing masque and polish. A necessary spa experience to keep your hands in balance.

Caribbean Hand Therapy $55

A rejuvenating treatment that nurtures and heals. Utilizes healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to help improve the condition of the nails, cuticles, and hands. A special paste and warm seaweed masque combine with Caribbean massage techniques to smooth, relax, and renew.

Foot Care

Foot Relieving Treatment $60

Experience customized care for your feet. A rejuvenating soak in a warm aromatherapy bath, followed by nail refining and cuticle maintenance, personalized massage, exfoliation, masque and polish.

Caribbean Foot Therapy $75

Nurturing and soothing. Healing touch and Caribbean plant ingredients are used to improve nails, cuticles and feet. Includes a warm seaweed masque and Caribbean massage technique to soothe and relax tired, achy feet.

Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath

Cleanse your body of impurities using the latest Ionic foot treatment available. A 30-minute session using salt water and an ionic coil to rid the body of impurities from your blood.

  • $50 per session
  • $30 when added to another service
  • $250 for a package of 10 sessions
  • $475 to purchase your own personal unit to take home